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5 Signs You’re In Need Of An Employment Attorney

Employment lawyers aim to help anyone who has been treated unfairly at work and can help protect you from the financial loss that results when an employer violates the rights of employees.  Employment law professionals can help provide advice for problems in the workplace, ensure that your work conditions are safe, and make sure that they don’t pose a risk to your mental or physical health. 

The relationship between an employer and an employee should be rewarding, but it also carries the potential risk of problems. There are regulations in place to protect employees and ensure that they are treated fairly- and there are avenues for you to make complaints or pursue a claim to recover damages if your employer violates these regulations. 

Understanding when you have a legal claim can be difficult, so it is important to speak to an employment attorney if you experience or suspect unfair treatment. Figuring out whether you have a potential legal claim is difficult on your own, but if you have experienced any of the following five red flags in your workplace you should consider consulting with a lawyer. 

  1. Your co-workers (including your supervisor) are creating a hostile work environment, and making you feel uncomfortable on the job due to your race, religion, national origin, disability status, or age. These are protected statuses, and hostility based upon any of them is a violation of federal and state anti-discrimination laws. 
  2. Your boss or someone in a position of authority has made unwanted sexual advances, or has suggested that you advance your career if you engage in sexual behaviors. You can potentially pursue a claim and recover payment for wages or money that you lost out on, and potential additional damages for emotional distress. 
  3. You are being prevented from advancement or promotion, based upon your race, religion, gender, disability status, or age. If protected status is taken into account when terms and conditions of employment are being considered, it is a violation of federal and state anti-discrimination laws. 
  4. You are subject to workplace testing which disqualifies people of a particular gender, race, religion, age, or disability status from promotion or advancement opportunities. Unless your employer can prove that the workplace test has a relationship to job performance, they can be in violation of federal law. 
  5. You are not being paid for all of the work you perform, or not being paid overtime even though you are working more than 40 hours per week. 

The employment attorneys at Sanford Law Firm provide legal representation to employees who have experienced problems in the workplace. The best way to find out if your rights have been violated is to call an employment lawyer to figure it out. The best lawyers don’t charge a fee to talk about the facts of your potential case, and they keep your identity and all of your information strictly confidential. If any of these signs ring true, you should consider calling an employment law firm like Sanford Law Firm. 

Consider giving us a call at (800) 615-4946 today to learn more about how we can help you with your case.