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We are suing Castle & Cooke for not paying mortgage underwriters for all their hours. Check your paychecks!

How many hours a week do you work over 40? How many of those hours are off-the-clock?

You should be getting paid 1.5x your regular pay rate for all hours you work over 40 and you shouldn’t be working off the clock at all. It doesn’t matter if these hours are worked at home in the middle of the night! As long as you are completing work for your employer, you need to get paid.

One of your coworkers has already decided to stand up for themselves and get the money Castle & Cooke Mortgage owes them. You can easily join the case they already started. You’ve already potentially lost $1,000s working for free. What else do you have to lose?

If you’re doubting whether Castle & Cooke Mortgage is cheating you out of your correct pay, we can answer that question for you. Having your paystubs evaluated is a very simple process and we do it for free. Even better, we have a 100% confidentiality policy. No one will ever know you had an evaluation.

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