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Jet Stream

Operators may be owed $1,000s in unpaid wages.

Have you worked at Jet Stream in the last 3 years as a

Line Operator

Mixer Operator

Tool and Dye Worker

Quality Control Worker

Maintenance Worker


You need to have your paystubs evaluated!

We’re suing Jet Stream to recover unpaid wages for operators having their time shaved and working off-the-clock. Start the process of potentially getting $1,000s of unpaid wages back by having your paystubs evaluated.

Every time you clocked out and kept working, Jet Stream violated the law. You’re owed money for every time you worked off-the-clock or had your time shaved down. If you’ve worked in one of the positions above in the last 3 years and had your time shaved/worked after your shift ended and weren’t paid for it, we want to talk to you. We believe you’re owed money and we want to help you get it.

Don’t miss the chance to get justice for having your rights violated. Fill out the form below or call us at 501-443-4941 to find out more about having a 100% free and confidential evaluation.

Get your free and confidential consultation

This form is 100% free and confidential and will not be shared with anyone. We simply need your contact information so that an intakes team member can get in touch with you. You will hear from us within 72 hours. Thank you!


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