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Dock Coordinators at ProTrans may be owed wages for overtime work.

By law, your bonuses increase your overtime rate.
Do your paychecks comply?

Employers know bonuses increase their employees’ pay rate for the period. This means when you get a bonus your regular pay rate goes up and your overtime rate goes up. If your overtime hours weren’t paid at the increased rate, not only did you lose money, but your employer broke the law.

You work hard for your money and bonuses are meant to be a reward for that hard work. Your boss shouldn’t be able to use a bonus as an opportunity to take money out of your paycheck. Finding out if you have a claim is the first step in getting your money back.

Calculating whether your overtime work was paid at the correct rate can get confusing fast. That’s why we provide free and confidential paystub evaluations. We can have our experts review your paystubs and let you know if your rights are being violated. There’s no obligation to do anything with the information we give you. Have any questions? Fill out the form below or call us at (501) 443-4941.

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