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Working in a club means dealing with favoritism, fines, mean managers, and tip theft. You can get justice for the mistreatment you’ve suffered. You could… Read More »Magic City

Magic City

You could be losing $100s a year by having your time rounded down. You might be telling yourself it’s just a few minutes here and… Read More »Williams RDM

Williams RDM

Getting a bonus increases your average pay rate which increases your overtime rate. This can be a hard concept to picture, but here’s the main… Read More »Unifirst Corp

Unifirst Corp

A little-known wage fact about bonuses is that they increase your average pay rate. Since overtime pay is calculated by multiplying your pay rate by… Read More »Centene


Your weekly hours often change. Usually, you work over 40 hours. We believe Frito Lay is benefiting from the Kronos hack by not paying the… Read More »Frito Lay

Frito Lay

Example: You came to work an hour before the restaurant opened and were paid a tip credit. It’s 100% illegal. The minimum wage for tipped… Read More »Servers


Working as a mental health professional, you’ve probably come to understand that not being paid for charting, meetings, or travel is an industry-standard. Guess what?… Read More »Kids For The Future

Kids For The Future

Getting safety and production bonuses should increase your overtime pay rate! This wage violation is incredibly common, but so many workers have no idea they… Read More »Truck Movers Depot

Truck Movers Depot

Having your time rounded down in your employer’s favor can take $100s off your paychecks a year, if not more. You know you worked that… Read More »Georgia Pacific

Georgia Pacific