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Working off the clock or over 40 hours for straight pay is illegal. Through no fault of your own, you may have had $100s stolen… Read More »Job1America


The chance of getting a defective product is a deadly risk everyone must take when purchasing a product. Many times people won’t know for months… Read More »7 Deadly Products

7 Deadly Products

You know you must be paid 1.5x your regular rate for hours over 40. Most employees don’t know that your bonuses and commissions increase your… Read More »Priority-1


The law allows restaurants to pay servers less than minimum wage while taking a tip credit. This tip credit allows servers to be paid less… Read More »Spirit Elephant

Spirit Elephant

Working through your lunch break or continuing to work after your shift ends leads to $100s lost from your paychecks. Don’t let any employer keep… Read More »Vestas